Kima Jones Giving Black Women Vox:

In a recent article, by Sydney Gore, titled, “Kima Jones Is Putting More Women Of Color On Your Bookshelf” (Nylon: Feb 15, 2017), the founder of Jack Jones Literary Arts, Kima Jones, is featured in a candid interview concerning her inspiration and the impetus for her company.  IMG_8886.jpg

Kima Jones reveals that one of her challenges  remains overcoming the gravity of the mainstream market centric publishing environment; Filled with passion she is helping women, and especially people of color, navigate the arcane morass of the publishing world.  Kima is challenging the status quo and providing a platform for success.  She seems determned to showcase la muse noire literature especially as it investigates the female prinicple and the transformational libertaion of her people. Kima Jones is a firebrand and critical of the pop culture based circumlocutionary emualtions of  the 60’s black art, and  Harlem Rennaisance literary legacy, currently prevalent  on the best seller lists. She is advocating for small writers with remarkable social currency and rife with human capital.

“How do you feel about representation in the book world?
We’ve come a long way, and we have a longer way to go. “Voice” still means mainstream marketability, and “audience” still means white readers. I’ve completed 23 campaigns in two years, and 97 percent of my clients are people of color, while 96 percent of my clients are women. I work with a lot of small presses and indie book presses because they’re taking the risks that I’m interested in, but I also work with the five leading publishing houses on some of their niche titles. I prefer to publicize books that don’t have a big engine behind them even though they deserve the big engine. I want to see those books win.” (Nylon: Feb 15, 2017).

Visit Kima Jones and Hit her Up!


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