Al Ijaaza Islamic Counseling and Mental Health Convention

Al Ijaaza Islamic Counseling and Mental Health Convention Press Release

The National Institute of Muslim Human Service Practitioners (NIMHSP) is holding its annual Al Ijazaa Islamic Counseling and Mental Health Convention
Poughkeepsie, NY –January 31, 2017 – NIMHSP, the first and only Muslim accreditation agency providing access to high level professional trainings and supervision experiences, is holding its first annual Al Ijazaa Islamic Counseling and Mental Health Convention. The event will be held on Saturday, February 4th and Sunday, February 5th at SUNY New Paltz University. The main focus will be unity and legacy, as well as other topics concerning the Muslim community. These topics include a presentation by Dr. Kay Alameen, Director Of Education at NIMHSP, concerning islamophobia & women who wear the hijab. A discussion by Sr. Khadijah Berreziga on the struggle of Muslim immigrants in America post 9/11. Also, Dr. Imam Hamzah Alameen, founder of NIMHSP, will present the Muslim Mental Health Survey results for 2016.

As an organization which supports Muslims in human service professions, NIMHSP’s convention will also focus on discrimination, disaster preparation, psychology, ROSC, Jinn, and Exegesis. The keynote speaker will be Dr. Salahuddin Muhammad who will discuss the subject of Tawheed and unifying the Muslim community. Al Hajj Imam Talib Abdur- Rashid, , of MIB Mosque of NYC will be granted the degree of Doctor of Islamic Science for his lifetime achievements. Imam Nadim Sulaiman Ali, a licensed counselor, Imam of Atlanta Georgia’s, West End Mosque, will present relaxation techniques and speak on the advance of Islamic therapeutic modalities. Dr. Hakim and Ameedah Rashid of Washington D.C will present various topics concerning African Americans and mental health. Imam Anwar Kearney of Masjid Mutakabbir will introduce Project T.A.U.B.A.H and Ijaaza Society which are two new additions to the NIMHSP platform. Project T.A.U.B.A.H aims to deliver a framework for faith leaders to implement mental health programs. While Ijaaza Society was established to recognize the Islamic service of key leaders in the struggle to provide humanistic truth to Americans. We are not just Muslims, and if you are interested you too can join. We are representing the standards that Muslims bring to human service which is compatible with industry standards in human service, but reaches higher toward a beautiful goal of excellence. Join our mission and become a part of an organization that pays it forward and believes in your contributions.

As the highest Islamic academic national authority and organization devoted to Islamic excellence (ihsan) NIMHSP will honor the departed leaders and teachers: Duse Ali Muhammad, Shaykh Dawood, Malik Al Hajj Shabazz, ‘Allama Shaykh Tawfiq, Imam Warith Deen Mohammad, Imam Luqman Ameen Abdullah, may the Maker be pleased with them. We will reflect on the contributions of our leaders to Islam in America. Also, the calligraphy of the late Shaykh Yahya Muhammad will be featured and discussed.

This event will take place in SUNY New Paltz at The Lecture Center, 1 Hawk Drive , New Paltz, NY 12561. Group discounts and vendor tickets are available. For more information contact NIMHSP using an option provided below:

Contact information:
Phone: 845 332 6442 / 845 750 8034
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