TAUBAH Project NY, Legislator Joel Tyner Supports the project for 100k OASAS Recovery Grant

Imam Anwar of Poughkeepsie, NY of the TAUBAH project gets support of local county politicians, including, Joel Tyner, tynerDutchess County Legislator, who signed the 100k OASAS recovery orientated systems of care collaboration grant. Tyner is a government stakeholder proposing the use of Police Assisted Addiction and Recovery Initiative (PAARI), which treats the addiction, rather than arresting the addict (see, Tyner, D-Rhinebeck, 2016 cited in the Recovery Times). The TAUBAH project will also collaborate to help integrate PAARI into the behavioral health network which could produce positive effects.

This grant will create a network of service and care for people in recovery and will help agencies develop systemic access to resources that will better serve those in recovery.  This grant is consistent with the recovery orientated systems of care policies, as promulgated by SAMSHA, OASAS (NY) and Presidents Bush, and Obama’s, Presidential Commissions in reaction to the Olmstead Act 1999, and the ADA 1990 (see recovery month ). Bipartisan support exists for this issue, which will empower families ravaged by the effects of the heroin epidemic and mass incarceration, see video below:

This program will be highlighted at the upcoming  (Feb 4th 2017)Al Ijaaza Islamic mental health convention at New Paltz University.




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