Fake Lawyer Robs NY MIB Mosque for $50,000

hamzah headshot

Crooked conman David Stern who  impersonated a lawyer and realestate agent was sentenced to 3 to 6 years for stealing $50,000 that took Imam Talib of MIB mosque 30 years to raise. Stern cannot be overly condemned for this heinous plot to steal money that would have been used to support community improvement and the establishment of a new worship center.  This congregation is a historic momument to resilience and is one of the oldest examples of continuing indigenous Islamic leadership, and specifically is the primere Islamic center in NYC, for African American Muslims.


Please donate to doubling or tripling the amount that was stolen and help us to acquire an even better facility than intended.

We urge everyone, Chrisiatians, Muslims, and Jews to donate to this cause in an ecumenical condemnation of this utterly shameless behavior. “Those of you wishing to donate in assistance by loaning a beautiful loan to Allah may do so by going to the Paypal option on our website at mibnyc.com… May Allah help us” Imam Talib.

And Allah will reward those who lend a beautiful loan!


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