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TAUBAH Project NY, Legislator Joel Tyner Supports the project for 100k OASAS Recovery Grant

Imam Anwar of Poughkeepsie, NY of the TAUBAH project gets support of local county politicians, including, Joel Tyner, Dutchess County Legislator, who signed the 100k OASAS recovery orientated systems of care collaboration grant. Tyner is a government stakeholder proposing the … Continue reading

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Fake Lawyer Robs NY MIB Mosque for $50,000

Crooked conman David Stern who ¬†impersonated a lawyer and realestate agent was sentenced to 3 to 6 years for stealing $50,000 that took Imam Talib of MIB mosque 30 years to raise. Stern cannot be overly condemned for this heinous … Continue reading

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Recovery Times

In this addition of, Recovery Times, I will look at Dutchess County Jail (DCJ), because of recent public concern over the planned construction of a larger, higher capacity, high cost, prison facility (200+ mil).¬† The following insights reflect my review … Continue reading

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