Open 10pt. Plan for Systemic Social Change of Racist Police Departments b/c #blacklifematters & “We Can’t Breathe!”

hamzah headshotRacism oppresses its victims, but also binds the oppressors, who sear their consciences with more and more lies until they become prisoners of those lies. They cannot face the truth of human equality because it reveals the horror of the injustices they commit.”  Alveda King

Oh my People, we have to act now because our lives depend on it. Act now because we can no longer tolerate the unjustified execution of Black and Brown, and indigenous people. The mass incarceration of over 2 million of our people, and the recent killings of our youth has emboldened us into action. As an Elder of the African American people it is incumbent that this plan be forged since all must contribute to this movement to fundamentally bring an end to the racist incarceration and extermination of our youth. We have witnessed too many police killings of our children and we hear the lamentations of their mothers weeping in the night for the slaughter of Black innocents because of the slave catcher mentalities of members of some of our justice departments and police agencies.
We Can Not Breathe because this disease like phenomena called racism, has become institutionalized in the American criminal justice system
The Plan (The Basics of Freedom for the Oppressed)
1. We must come together… All oppressed people (Black, Brown, Latino, Muslims, Mexicans, and other indigenous people) and all those sympathetic, we must ban together nationally and focus our strengths in a combined voice that cannot be silenced without justice. Our combined effort will be of greater magnitude when we come together aligned for change and transformation of the racist police departments that promote a murderous culture which endangers #blacklivesmatter; therefore know that our success lies in our ability to rise to the call of unified struggle.
2. We must collaborate and adopt one main vision… We must see that the main vision is change of the racist mass incarceration, and police tactics which threaten the public safety and existence of our people. The idea that people of color cannot organize and rally around a central theme is ignorant and rejected. We are able to support our common vision and plan strategies that will eventually eliminate the racist police culture of American society. We must call everyone and communicate our agenda to make this matter a first priority.
3. Political action is mandated now… We must exercise the ballot as a means for change by letting the political powers know that the status quo must fall and that there will be no cessation of protest until oppressed people like African Americans, Mexicans, the Lakota People and other indigenous peoples burdened by racism and xenophobia have equality.
4. Economic action could bring effective change… We must immediately organize to follow the money to see who is benefiting from hiring mal-trained police to operate a sociopathic ran machine that chews the bodies, hearts, and minds of our people.
5. Psycho-education and retraining for police We must research treatments which identifies bad cops, and keeps them off the streets. The many black deaths at the hands of police has made people anxious and fearful that their family member may not survive a police encounter because of their skin color. The racism that police project is a learned behavior that can be changed.
6. Oversight of police and prisons… Transparency of police, court, and prisons systems will help offset the occurrence of police violence and the fatalities associated with racist police departments. Racism is hard to pin down but always apparent in statistics, and research. We must monitor and watchdog these agencies.
7. Transparency in all police fatalities We must pass federal laws mandating the formulation of a watchdog operated national police shooting data base so that this phenomena can be made transparent and readily available.
8. Development of a national task-force to investigate the phenomena of police shootings This task force must be composed of civilian community leaders, and families as an investigatory adjunct to D.O.J. and related agencies. This effort must be on all levels of government and in every jurisdiction in the USA.
9. Intervention, indictment, and change of District Attorneys that will not prosecute bad guy cops, The D.A. offices must be warned of the possibility of federal prosecution if they fail to adjudicate bad cops. There have been too many instances where DA’s fail to adequately prosecute bad cops and are pressured into a double bind that poses a conflict of interest.
10. Implementation of programs that informs and support crime victims and mothers of those who have lost their lives. Programs that provide mental health services to families and monetary assistance to loved ones are a needed feature of our movement. Believe that we are best situated to provide assistance to our people. We see that that human life is priceless, and we strongly unapologetically advocate that #BLACKLIVESMATTER!
Share and disseminate on all forms of social media, and implement where needed this document is open for distribution with the exception of editing. Please post in this form without interpolation.

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2 Responses to Open 10pt. Plan for Systemic Social Change of Racist Police Departments b/c #blacklifematters & “We Can’t Breathe!”

  1. Amina Addy says:

    Re #4: Organuze boycotts and divestiture from investment in any companies that benefit from free prison labor … The image our society has created of Black men and boys as scary … That image allows these killings … And that image was designed purposely to keep a free supply of Black labor in for-profit prisons … This is their evil game, continuing Jim Crow In our generation. The only way things will change is when they start loosing serious money.

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    • Exactly my Sister Amina Addy, you are right and I do believe the demonization and objectification of Black boys has created a hostile environment and this phenomena is a reoccurring plague on people of color and those otherwise oppressed on the neo-plantation, under the whip of racist police (overseers) our modern Paddy Rollers. The oppressed will rise up when pressures become totally unbearable as they have just become.


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