The NIMHSP Muslim Mental Health Survey 2016

Palestinians clean the Al Aqsa mosque after clashes with Israeli police in Jerusalem's Old City

Believers please join the NIMHSP in the quest to identify the mental health needs of Muslims in America and abroad.  Please take part in this simple 10 item questionnaire to help us identify and fight mental illness in the Ummah, it only takes 2 mins. please follow the links below:

Attention Imams, masajid, majlis ashura, chaplains, colleges, Muslim student associations (MSA), please take the survey and share this link throughout the following months, o that we can finally know more about Muslim mental health.


 This is a good deed and may Allah (swt) reward you for it!

“And whatever good you do, (be sure) Allaah knows it.” (Q:2:197)

The 2016 Mental Health Survey (click here)

Special 1$ membership certificate for Muslim Human Service students &

Free membership for all Muslim veterans


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5 Responses to The NIMHSP Muslim Mental Health Survey 2016

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  2. What I did not understand is where are the results of my questionaire? Where are the results of the questionaire? Who sees them and what assessments are drawn from the results of the questionare?


    • I (Hamzah Alameen) head a team of 3 researchers and we are in exclusive control of the survey no one else will view the data until the research is complete. They surveys are anonymous and the data will be used to advance Muslim mental health. The data will be analyzed and reported upon in scientific peer reviewed literature. Additionally participating Muslim organizations limited at this time to, MANA, CAIR, and NYC Majlis Ashurah, and Mid-Hudson Majlis, are eligible to receive a early report or abstract related to this survey. I will edit the link to reflect this disclaimer at the test portal. It is out intent to determine some fundamental rates of occurrence of Muslim mental health needs.


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