To Black People Who Hate Themselves

I am responding to those ignorant Black folk who hate themselves and believe that there is no Black culture per se. The abuses experienced by any people are not culture but certainly a legacy. And forced miscegenation or biracial influences can not erase the psychological traumas. Black culture is beautiful and not pathological, but the culture of poverty and racism is a part of the Black experience in American culture. Criminal elements exist in all cultures, but remember race, culture and ethnology are three different things. Being Black has a great deal to do with being of African decent, and the two are inseparable. Slavery and oppression of Black folks is evident in recent history and quite prevalent. Peonage of Black folk was overtly practiced in America until the mid 1940’s, and is now oppressing Mexicans and other people of color. Anyone who identifies as Black, should exorcise the wickedness of oppression, but never forget the courage and self-determination evident in our past as a people, and a culture. I am so proud to be a descendant of Africans who were kidnapped and enslaved in the Americas. I am the embodiment of all those Black lives lost in the Black Diaspora. Black culture has always been critical of western thought, history, and social theory. Being Black is not macaroni and cheese, hood life, nor gang violence (but it is okra, corn bread, and yams). And yes America has a historical love / hate relationship with aspects of Black life, some which are quite negative and stereotypical. Social media has demonized Black people in covertly designed strategies which have caused Black people to misunderstand themselves and disdain there heritage. Truth is Black folk are complicit in portraying Black folk as anti-social and criminals. Some Black folks hate themselves and cannot overcome psychological forces that still imprison them. Blacks in America learned hate and violence from being abused and oppressed. Desensitization in the form of Black cruelty and genocide has led to a view that Black people do not care for themselves, and that their lives do not matter. To hate, deny, or forget who you are is a form of Black cultural suicide.

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