Dreams, Art, & KASM Therapy: Mental Health Tools for Muslims By Hamzah Alameen

The following visuals are part of an art based therapy referred to as Khamdalas. Khamdalas are used in KASM cognitive therapies for the relief of mental distress and overall wellness. These particular khamdalas have emerged from the mind of Shaykh Hamzah Alameen and are archetypes reconstructed from his visions. They are extremely useful in the therapeutic counseling of African Americans affected by racism and also racist minded people of any color.
The African American mind is often psychologically damaged because of the arduous journey from slavery to the present time. The mind often represses traumas that are specific to our cultural experiences. These repressed thoughts produce heritable subconscious diseased mental states and affect our daily lives oftentimes unknowingly. It was noticed that African Americans in counseling related painful imagery and experiences that were unexplainable since it was not part of their waking life. It is believed that knowledge of slavery and oppression has caused psychic damage and pain filled memories. Social media, folk tales, superstitions, and stereotypes can stimulate negative thinking and produce abnormal maladaptive behaviors.

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2 Responses to Dreams, Art, & KASM Therapy: Mental Health Tools for Muslims By Hamzah Alameen

  1. Babatunde Ayinde says:

    ASA: I am very interested in this line of study regarding Islam and healing. Could you, please, recommend some books, courses, organizations that I could seek out? Thank you in advance. B. Ayinde


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